Montana 1885

This is a personal project I started back in March 2018 and finally finished now end of June 2018.
I've always wanted to do a western and was briefly working on a movie that was put on hold, I had only worked for 3 days but since I love the subject so much I kept on going on my spare time and changed the look of it for a frontier town in Montana in the late 1800s during the gold rush....perhaps Eureka.
The images were rendered with Vray, ground sculpted in Mudbox with 4 UDIM tiles, a few fabric simulations in Marvelous Designer and some minor Photoshop touch ups at the end.
The scans of people and dogs were done in Canada by and he was been a part of my most current concept works in the film industry.
It is impossible to find period scanned people (or futuristic) so you have to custom make them.
I was very fortunate that his good friend Mark Murias is a vintage clothes collector hence the fantastic wardrobe for this project or any turn of the century scenarios.

Rodolfo damaggio montana 1885 1

Alexa 65 40mm

Rodolfo damaggio montana 1885 2

Alexa 65 40mm

Rodolfo damaggio montana 1885 3

Alexa 65 40mm

Rodolfo damaggio wire 0001 layer 1
Rodolfo damaggio wire 0000 layer 2
Rodolfo damaggio mt 0001 layer 1

View of the extent of build in Maya

Rodolfo damaggio miners

Some of the scans done by
Special thanks to Mark Murias and his fantastic vintage wardrobe, Actor Jeff Randhawa ,Morgan Burke and Brian Burke for posing.

Rodolfo damaggio boothpose

Mark in the photo booth.

Rodolfo damaggio coppy machine v3

The Scanning booth from with 63 cameras and Reality Capture software

Rodolfo damaggio s6

Low Poly of Steamboat

Rodolfo damaggio s8

Low Poly of Steamboat

Rodolfo damaggio sb 0004 layer 1

Low Poly of Steamboat

Rodolfo damaggio sb 0000 layer 5

Low Poly of Steamboat

Rodolfo damaggio r11
Rodolfo damaggio f7
Rodolfo damaggio s10
Rodolfo damaggio tent
Rodolfo damaggio h1
Rodolfo damaggio w 10

Grain wagon

Rodolfo damaggio w 7

Freight wagon

Rodolfo damaggio horse4

Horses by studio727
I had to recreate a new texture instead of the original Mustangs.
Beautiful horse scans.